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We’re ready to help. This is our tried and true process for making anything:


This starts with a meeting between your team and ours, where we’ll discuss the tough questions — what do you know about your customers? What do you know about your industry? What are your budget constraints? Do you have an existing design and/or development team? After our initial meetings, we will provide you a clear outline of the work we see ahead and how this will drive our research, design, and build activities.

The assessment phase can include the following:

  • Opportunity exploration
  • Critical timeline
  • Budget constraints
  • Technology goals
  • Research requirements
  • Prior art


Together, we’ll learn what your customers need and design a product they will understand and enjoy. During this phase, we will both determine if your idea has a receptive audience and move forward in designing and testing workflows with real customers. Engineering the best solution for your opportunity is critical, and we will design high fidelity experiences for every device that matters, allowing you to reach your goals.

The design phase can include the following:

  • Market / ethnographic research
  • MVP definition
  • Wireframing / prototyping
  • Technical architecture
  • User experience design
  • User testing
  • Visual design / UI
  • Branding


After the design and prototype comes a real world solution, an implementation using best practices with tested technology. We can recommend our stack or work with your existing team’s preferences to deliver the most effective solution for your needs. Either way, your team will feel confident taking the keys after launch, or if you prefer, we can remain on as long as you need to host and maintain your app. This phase includes instrumentation and real user feedback to allow you to gauge success and make proactive adjustments.

The build phase can include the following:

  • Web development
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop applications
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Project management
  • Analytics and A/B testing
  • SEO
  • Hosting and maintenance

We’re also able to offer you consulting services outside of this framework. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We’d love the opportunity to work together.

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